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245: aReal estate principles :ba value approach. --
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260: aNew York, NY, Estados Unidos :bMcGraw-Hill/Irwin,cc2012.
300: axxvii, 671 p. :bil. ;c29 cm.
440: aThe McGraw-Hill/Irwin series in finance, insurance, and real estate
505: aI. Setting the stage. -- 1. The nature of real estate and real estate markets. -- II. Legal and regulatory determinants of value. -- 2. Legal foundations to value. -- 3. Conveying real property interests. -- 4. Government controls and real estate markets. -- III. Market valuation and apprisal. -- 5. Market determinants of value. -- 6. Forecasting ownership benefits and value: market research. -- 7. Valuation using the sales comparison and cost approaches. -- 8. Valuation using the income approach. -- IV. Financing home ownership. -- 9. Real estate finance: the laws and contracts. -- 10. Residential mortgage types and borrower decisions. -- 11. Sources of funds for residential mortgages. -- V. Brokering and closing the transaction. -- 12. Real estate brokerage and listing contracts. -- 13. Contracts for sale and closing. -- VI. Time, opportunity cost, and value decisions. -- 14. The effects of time and risk on value. -- 15. Mortgage calculations and decisions. -- VII. Financing and investing in commercial real estate. -- 16. Commercial mortgage types and decisions. -- 17. Sources of commercial debt and equity capital. -- 18. Investment decisions: ratios. -- 19. Investment decisions: NPV and IRR. -- 20. Income taxation and value. -- VIII. Creating and maintaining value. -- 21. Enhacing value through ongoing management. -- 22. Leases and property types. -- 23. Development: the dynamics of creating value. --
520: aTomado de la pasta: "Real Estate Principes: a Value Approach demonstrates how value is central to virtually all real estate decision making. Significant and lasting changes have come upon the world of real estate and the key to making sound investment decisions is to understand how property values are created, maintained, increased, or destroyed. This text uses a value-oriented framework to impart a set of valuation and decision-making tools that can be applied in a variety of real-world situations." --
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