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Populism and the future of the Fed. [electronic resource]. --
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Washington, DC, Estados Unidos : Cato Institute, c2022.
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I. The populist challenge to Fed independence. -- 1. Central banking, political pressure, and its unintended consequences. -- 2. Populism and central banks. -- 3. Populism, politics, and central bank independence. -- 4. Technopopulism and central banks. -- 5. Capture the Fed. -- 6. Central bank independence with principled allocation. -- 7. Myopic monetary policy and presidential power: why rules matter. -- II. Fiscal dominance and the return of inflation. -- 8. Fiscal inflation. -- 9. The return of inflation? -- 10. Fiscal dominance and the risk of financial repression. -- 11. The prospect of fiscal dominance in the United States: a new quantity theory perspective. -- III. An expanded Fed mandate? -- 12. Central banks: independent or almighty? -- 13. A central bank mandate for our time: the Fed's de facto fiscal role and its anti-equality impact. -- 14. The Fed's mandate in a low interest rate world. -- 15. The Fed's risky experiment. -- IV. Helicopter money and fiscal QE. -- 16. Helicopter money, fiscal QE, the magic asset, and collateralizing the currency. -- 17. Helicopter money and people's QE. -- 18. Central bank activism: good intentions, bad policy. --
The 2008 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic greatly expanded the Fed's scope and power. Populism and the Future of the Fed features highly readable essays that avoid technical jargon and provide a broad perspective on core issues-including the populist challenge to Fed independence, fiscal dominance and the return of inflation, the limits of Fed power versus the expansion of its dual mandate, and the strange world of helicopter money and fiscal QE. One could argue that those who want the Fed to allocate credit, help fund a Green New Deal, engage in helicopter drops, and so on, are well intentioned. However, the real issue is whether such actions are consistent with long-run price stability and the rule of law.
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