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Convergence psychiatry : a transdisciplinary approach to innovation. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Oxford University Press, c2021.
xxiii, 597 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
1. Framing definitions. -- I. Introducing the convergence agenda. -- 2. Leveraging convergence science to address global mental health challenges. -- 3. On the road to convergence research. -- 4. Convergence and the changing nature of innovation. -- 5. Developing convergence neuroscience as a model. -- 6. Establishing transdisciplinarity within a university: learning from experience of the University of Technology Sydney. -- 7. The OECD approach to responsible innovation. -- II. Expert commentaries on convergence mental health. -- 8. The therapeutic centaur: training the half-human, half-computer clinician of 2040. -- 9. Update on the war on mental illness. -- 10. Promoting early child development. -- 11. Artificial intelligence in mental health. -- III. Convergent fields of mental health innovation. -- 12. Precision mental health. -- 13. Emerging role for technology in positive psychiatry interventions. -- 14. A social, behavioral, and implementation science perspective on convergence mental health. -- 15. Convergence mental health across the life span. -- 16. Convergence neuroscience of meditative mind-body therapies for mental health. -- 17. The use of bioinformatics and big data for the in silico study of psychiatric disorders. -- 18. Converging technologies between the space Mars mission and earth global mental health. -- 19. Innovation diplomacy in the clinical neurosciences. -- IV. Convergent mental health technologies. -- 20. Toward multi-omic-informed psychotropic prescribing. -- 21. Biobehavioral sensing for objective evaluation of OCD patients. -- 22. An introduction to antidepressant pharmacomicrobiomics and implications in depression. -- 23. Blockchain for convergence science in mental health. -- V. Operational organizations cultivating convergence mental health. -- 24. Global mental health and technology. -- 25. Digital health entrepreneurship. -- 26. Stanford's brainstorm lab for mental health innovation. -- 27. Innovating dementia care through convergence science in brain health. -- 28. NODE.Health algorithm to support digital mental health validation. -- 29. Key considerations for developing digital health accelerators. -- VI. Special considerations for operationalizing convergence mental health. -- 30. Screening for convergent practitioners in health research and innovation. -- 31. The minds behind the technology. -- 32. Consumer participation in personalized psychiatry. -- VII. Novel funding models for convergence mental health. -- 33. Collaborative research and investment to secure "Healthy brains for all". -- 34. Unconventional approaches to investing in mental health technology. -- 35. Convergence mental health. -- 36. Trans-sectoral neuroscience innovation for the 21st century. -- VIII. Conclusion. -- 37. A roadmap toward convergence mental health. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Modern mental health issues are characterized by their complex, multi-systemic nature and broad societal impact, making them poorly suited to siloed approaches of thinking and innovation. Convergence science integrates knowledge, tools, and thought strategies from various fields and is the focal point where novel insights arise. Convergence Mental Health presents a blueprint for leveraging convergence science within the context of mental health in order to improve patient outcomes and health care systems." --
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