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Dangerous nation. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Alfred A. Knopf, 2006.
527 p. ; 25 cm.
1. The first imperialists. -- 2. The foreign policy of revolution. -- 3. Liberalism and expansion. -- 4. To the farewell address and beyond. -- 5. Peaceful conquest. -- 6. A republic in the age of monarchy. -- 7. The foreign policy of slavery. -- 8. Manifest destinies. -- 9. Beyond the national interest. -- 10. War and progress. -- 11. From power to ambition, from ambition to power. -- 12. Morality and hegemony. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Robert Kagan strips away the myth of America’s isolationist tradition and reveals a more complicated reality: that Americans have been increasing their global power and influence steadily for the past four centuries. Even from the time of the Puritans, he reveals, America was no shining “city up on a hill” but an engine of commercial and territorial expansion that drove Native Americans, as well as French, Spanish, Russian, and ultimately even British power, from the North American continent. Even before the birth of the nation, Americans believed they were destined for global leadership. Underlying their ambitions, Kagan argues, was a set of ideas and ideals about the world and human nature. He focuses on the Declaration of Independence as the document that firmly established the American conviction that the inalienable rights of all mankind transcended territorial borders and blood ties. American nationalism, he shows, was always internationalist at its core. He also makes a startling discovery: that the Civil War and the abolition of slavery —the fulfillment of the ideals of the Declaration —were the decisive turning point in the history of American foreign policy as well. Kagan's brilliant and comprehensive reexamination of early American foreign policy makes clear why America, from its very beginning, has been viewed worldwide not only as a wellspring of political, cultural, and social revolution, but as an ambitious and, at times, dangerous nation."
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