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Hamilton's blessing : the extraordinary life and times of our national debt. --
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Penguin Books, c1998.
xii, 220 p. ; 20 cm.
Acknowledgments. -- Introduction. -- 1. The Hamiltonian miracle. -- 2. Andrew Jackson redeems the debt. -- 3. Armageddon and the national debt. -- 4. The twilight of the old consensus. -- 5. Keynesianism and the Madison Effect. -- 6. The debt explodes. -- Conclusion. -- Afterword. -- Appendix: The statistics. -- Bibliography. --
Tomado de la pasta: "With this counterintuitive advice from one of our most brilliant founding fathers, an American institution was born. Now measured at over $5 trillion (and growing every day), the national debt has become a source of national guilt. But few Americans realize that the young United States was conceived in debt. Alexander Hamilton was far less interested in paying down the Revolutionary War debt than in using it to create a vibrant national economy. In a quirky history of American finance brimming with colorful characters, historical accidents, and American ingenuity, business historian John Steele Gordon casts the national debt in a surprisingly heroic light. The accumulation of debt has been used at key points in our country's history -to rescue the Union during the Civil War, to raise the nation out of the Depression, and to keep the world safe for democracy. But how much debt is too much? At a time when we despair of balancing even a single year's budget, Hamilton's Blessing provides much needed insight and perspective -and hope."
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