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Epidemiology matters : a new introduction to methodological foundations. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Oxford University Press, c2014.
239 p. : il. ; 24 cm. 24 cm.
About the authors. -- Acknowledgments. -- Prefatory Note. -- 1. An introduction. -- 2. What is a population and what is population health? -- 3. What is an exposure, what is a disease, and how do we measure them? -- 4. What is a sample? -- 5. Watching a sample, counting cases. -- 6. Are exposures associated with health indicators? -- 7. What is a cause? -- 8. Is the association causal, or are there alternative explanations? -- 9. How do noncausal associations arise? -- 10. How can we mitigate against noncausal associations in design and analysis? -- 11. When do causes work together? -- 12. Do the results matter beyond the study sample? -- 13. How do we identify disease early to minimize its consequences? -- 14. Conclusion: epidemiology and what matters most. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Epidemiology Matters offers a new approach to understanding and identifying the causes of disease -- and with it, how to prevent disease and improve human health. Utilizing visual explanations and examples, this text provides an accessible, step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of epidemiologic study, from design to analysis. Across fourteen chapters, Epidemiology Matters teaches the individual competencies that underlie the conduct of an epidemiologic study: identifying populations; measuring exposures and health indicators; taking a sample; estimating associations between exposures and health indicators; assessing evidence for causes working together; assessing internal and external validity of results. With its consequentialist approach -- designing epidemiologic studies that aim to inform our understanding, and therefore improve public health -- Epidemiology Matters is an introductory text for the next generation of students in medicine and public health." --
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