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A contemporary critique of historical materialism. --
2 ed.
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Palgrave Macmillan, c1995.
xix, 294 p. : il. ; 22 cm.
Preface to the Second Edition. -- Introduction. -- 1. The time-space constitution of social system. -- 2. Domination, power and exploitation: an analysis. -- 3. Society as time-traveller: capitalism and world history. -- 4. Time-space distanciation and the generation of power. -- 5. Property and class society. -- 6. Time, labour and the city. -- 7. Capitalism: integration, surveillance and class power. -- 8. The Nation-State, nationalism and capitalist development. -- 9. The State: class conflict and political order. -- 10. Between capitalism and socialism: contradiction and exploitation. -- Notes and references. -- Index. --
Tomado de la pasta: "What, if anything, is valid in Marx's work today, following the events of 1989 and after in Eastern Europe? In his Preface to the second edition of his book, Anthony Giddens offers an answer to this question. By so doing, he shows that the ideas developed in the original version of this study -a critical encounter not only with historical materialism but with other major perspectives in social thought, too- retain their relevance. Marx's views contained major flaws at source, and these took on specific substance in the failures of socialism. Yet, Marx's critical analysis of capitalist enterprise has by no means become wholly obsolete. A critical theory of the advanced societies can draw only sparingly upon Marxism, but remains and endeavour of basic importance in the social sciences at the current time. The new edition of this work will be of interest to students and academics in the areas of social and political theory, sociology and history."
Incluye notas y referencias bibliográficas (Pp. 253-283)

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