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The Arthashastra. --
Imp / Ed.:
Haryana, India : Penguin Books, 1992, c1987.
ix, 819 p. : il. ; 22 cm.
Preface. -- Introduction. -- The Kautilyan State and Society. -- 1. Introductory sections. -- 2. The State and its constituent elements. -- 3. The King. -- 4. The well-organized State. -- 5. Treasury, sources of revenue, accounts and audit. -- 6. Civil service regulations. -- 7. The Departments of the Government. -- 8. Law and justice. -- 9. Covert operations. -- 10. Foreign policy. -- 11. Defence and war. -- Notes. -- Appendices. -- List of maps, charts and figures. -- Index of verses. -- Index. --
Tomado de la pasta: "An extraordinary detailed manual on statecraft and the science of living by one of classical India's greatest minds. Kautilya, also known as Chanakya and Vishnugupta, wrote the Arthashastra not later than 150 AD though the date has not been conclusively established. A master strategist who was well-versed in the Vedas and adept at creating intrigues and devising political stratagems, Kautilya was the man who destroyed the Nanda dynasty and installed Chandragupta Maurya as the king of Magadha. The Arthashastra contains fifteen books which cover numerous topics that are of relevance even today: revolts and rebellions, structure of the state, consumer protection, salaries of government servants, property laws, labour laws, criminal investigations, the penal system, prevention of confederacies and oligarchies, the duties of the king, and a complete code of law, among others. Artha, literally wealth, is one of four supreme aims prescribed by Hindu tradition. However, as the Arthashastra reveals, it has a much wider significance, and the material well-being of individuals is just a part of it. A remarkably comprehensive treatise of statecraft, the Arthashastra is testimony to Kautilya's genius and foresight."
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