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Achieve success and happiness : a book of boundless optimism, and joyful living; designed to make your life truly meaningful. --
Imp / Ed.:
Nueva Delhi, India : Orient Paperbacks, c2013.
128 p. ; 18 cm.
1. Cultivating leadership: whistling in the rain. -- 2. Exchange your wishbone for a backbone... and they call some of these people retarded! -- 3. Kick start your day: and afternoon in the park. -- 4. Preparing for success: puppies for sale. -- 5. Striving for success: one stormy night. -- 6. Keys to success: whenever I'm disappointed. -- 7. Choosing success: happiness is a journey. -- 8. Examples of success: that Spring day. -- 9. Qualities of success: what is happiness? -- 10. Habits of success: say a prayer. -- 11. Philosophy of success: right the wrong. -- 12. Ethics of success: the happy people. -- 13. Actions that can change your life: a simple gesture. -- 14. Every moment counts: a spoilt day. -- 15. Make this year your best: two ways to live. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Here is book that tells you how to succeed and make yours a truly meaningful life. The author, A.Pereira, is well-known for his positive approach to life's opportunities and adversities and a firm believer that none can help you more than you can! He is the author of several best selling books including Success in 30 Days." --

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