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Good reasons to run. [electronic resource] Women and political candidacy. --
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Philadelphia, PA, Estados Unidos : Temple University Press, c2020.
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I. Who runs? -- 1. What if women won't run? Exploring gender gaps in elite political ambition. -- 2. Who runs? Data from women trained as candidates. -- 3. Political ambition, structural obstacles, and the fate of Republican women. -- 4. Who is Stacey Abrams? An examination of gender and race dynamics in state-level candidacy. -- II. Why run? -- 5. Ambition for office: women and policy-making. -- 6. From civic mindedness to electoral politics: citizen advisory committees and the decision to run for school board. -- 7. Youth National Service and women's political ambition: the case of teach for America. -- III. Why not run? -- 8. The uneven geography of candidates emergence: how the expectation of winning influences candidate emergence. -- 9. How political parties can diversify their leadership. -- 10. Late to the party: black women's inconsistent support from political parties. -- 11. Women's political ambition and the 2016 election. -- IV. How nonprofits help women run for office. -- 12. Women candidate recruitment groups in the states. -- 13. Are you ready to run? Campaign trainings and women's candidacies in New Jersey. -- 14. Pieces of women's political ambition puzzle: changing perceptions of a political career with campaign training. -- 15. Women running in the world: candidate training programs in comparative perspective. -- V. The special role of money. -- 16. Building a campaign donor network: how candidate gender and partisanship impact the campaign money chase. -- 17. Training women to run in an African democracy: the case of Benin. -- 18. Paying it forward: candidate contributions and support for diverse candidates. --
After the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, a large cohort of women emerged to run for office. Their efforts changed the landscape of candidates and representation. However, women are still far less likely than men to seek elective office, and face biases and obstacles in campaigns. (Women running for Congress make twice as many phone calls as men to raise the same contributions.) The editors and contributors to Good Reasons to Run, a mix of scholars and practitioners, examine the reasons why women run—and do not run—for political office. They focus on the opportunities, policies, and structures that promote women's candidacies. How do nonprofits help recruit and finance women as candidates? And what role does money play in women's campaigns? The essays in Good Reasons to Run ask not just who wants to run, but how to activate and encourage such ambition among a larger population of potential female candidates while also increasing the diversity of women running for office.
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