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How to win : a handbook for political action. --
Imp / Ed.:
Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos : AFL-CIO, 1964 ; [1956?]
vi, 246 p. : il. ; 18 cm.
1. How to get started. -- 2. How to plan your meeting. -- 3. How to conduct a cope dollar drive. -- 4. How to know and be active in your community. -- 5. A step by step plan. -- 6. How to register voters. -- 7. How to tell your story. -- 8. How to pick your candidates and work with them. -- 9. How to get the best man or woman elected. -- 10. How to get our women active. -- 11. How to get the vote out. -- 12. How to be a Wednesday morning quarterback. --
Tomado del prólogo: "We of the American labor movement have long recognized our responsibility to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about the political issues which affect our lives and our welfare. We consider it our duty to participate actively in the political life of the nation and the community in which we live and work. That is our responsibility as good citizens. It is also our responsibility as good trade unionists. The gains labor has made at the collective bargaining table are threatened in the legislative halls of Congress and the State Legislatures. To meet that challenge, effective political activity has of necessity become a vital part of effective trade unionism. This job of good citizenship and good trade unionism must be done in the shops, factories, building sites and neighborhoods. We must inform our members and their families and neighbors about the issues and the candidates for public office. We must encourage them to vote and work toward better government in their community, the states and across the nation. This handbook of political education has been written to help do this job. It represents an elaboration on labor's combined and accumulated experience in political education activities. In writing it, the staff of our Committee has drawn on the many excellent guides and leaflets on grass root political action our unions have published in the past. Nevertheless, this book can only guide local Committee chairmen and others who participate in COPE work and thus stimulate their thinking. It is their job to deal with people and people vary, just as the circumstances under which they live, their attitudes and their environments. It is my hope that this book will be of assistance in the great taks the AFL-CIO has set for itself: to advance and promote the general welfare of America by effective political education." --

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