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Political science research methods. --
6 ed.
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Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos : CQ Press, c2008.
xxvi, 613 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
1. Introduction. -- 2. Studying politics scientifically. -- 3. The building blocks of social scientific research: hypotheses, concepts, and variables. -- 4. The building blocks of social scientific research: measurment. -- 5. Research design. -- 6. Conducting a literature review. -- 7. Sampling. -- 8. Making empirical observations: direct and indirect observation. -- 9. Document analysis: using the written record. -- 10. Survey research and interviewing. -- 11. Statistics: first steps. -- 12. Investigating relationships between two variables. -- 13. Multivariate analysis. -- 14. The research report: an annotated example. --
Tomado de la introducción: "Political scientists are interested in learning about and understanding a variety of important political phenomena. Some of us are interested, for example, in the conditions that lead to stable and secure political regimes without civil unrest, rebellion, or government repression. Some are interested in the relationships and interactions between nations and how some nations exercise power over others. Other political scientists are more interested in the relationship between the populace and public officials in democratic countries and, in particular, whether or not public opinion influences the policy decisions of public officials. Still others are concerned with how particular political institutions function. They conduct research on questions such as the following: does Congress serve the interests of organized groups rather than of the general populace? Do judicial decisions depend upon the personal values of individual judges and the group dynamics of judicial groups or on the relative power of the litigants? To what extent can American presidents influence the behavior of members of the federal bureaucracy? Does the use of non profit service organizations to deliver public services change government control of and accountability for those services? Do political parties enhance or retard democratic processes? How much do the policy outputs of states vary and why do they vary?" --
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