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The anatomy of grief. [electronic resource]. --
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New Haven, CT, Estados Unidos : Yale University Press, c2020.
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I. Grief, described. -- 1. Evolutionary origins. -- 2. Forms of grief. -- 3. Language of the bereaved. -- II. Physiology of grief. -- 4. The grief-stricken brain. -- 5. The broken heart of grief. -- 6. The grieving body. -- 7. Mothers. -- III. Lost loved ones. -- 8. Fathers. -- 9. Children. -- 10. Sisters and brothers. -- 11. Life partners. -- Epilogue: A bittersweet alchemy. --
An original, authoritative guide to the impact of grief on the brain, the heart, and the body of the bereaved Grief happens to everyone. Universal and enveloping, grief cannot be ignored or denied. This original new book by psychologist Dorothy P. Holinger uses humanistic and physiological approaches to describe grief's impact on the bereaved. Taking examples from literature, music, poetry, paleoarchaeology, personal experience, memoirs, and patient narratives, Holinger describes what happens in the brain, the heart, and the body of the bereaved. Readers will learn what grief is like after a loved one dies: how language and clarity of thought become elusive, why life feels empty, why grief surges and ebbs so persistently, and why the bereaved cry. Resting on a scientific foundation, this literary book shows the bereaved how to move through the grieving process and how understanding grief in deeper, more multidimensional ways can help quell this sorrow and allow life to be lived again with joy.
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