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The militia in 20th century America : a simposium. --
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Falls Church, VA, Estados Unidos : Gun Owners Foundation, c1985.
ix, 241 p. ; 21 cm.
1. The right to life. -- 2. The origins of the use of weapons in self-defense. -- 3. The Israelite militia in the Old Testament. -- 4. The Second Amendment as a phenomenon of classical political philosophy. -- 5. The historical bases of the right to keep and bear arms. -- 6. The Dutch-American guerrillas of American Revolution. -- 7. The commandos of South Africa. -- 8. The militia is not the National Guard. -- 9. The Swiss Report. -- 10. The communist have lost Guatemala. -- 11. Let's revive the militia. -- 12. Weapons, technology, and legitimacy. --
Tomado de la introducción: "Our study will start with the individual and his right to protect his life. If the individual has a right to protect his own life then logic dictates he has a right to something he is protecting, namely his existence on earth. If one didn't have a right to life, the right to protect it would be a meaningless term. We will examine those two concepts -the right to life and the right to protect that life-." --
Incluye notas y referencias bibliográficas (Pp. 216-226) e índice.

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