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The political economy of human rights. --
The Washington connection and Third World fascism. --
Imp / Ed.:
Boston, MA, Estados Unidos : South End Press, c1979.
xvii, 441 p. ; 22 cm.
Vol. I. The Washington connection and Third World fascism. -- Frontispiese: The sun and its planets. -- Preface. -- A prefatory note by the authors on the history of the suppression of the First Edition of this work. -- 1. Introduction: summary of major findings and conclusions. -- 2. The Pentagon-CIA Archipelago. -- Neo-colonialism and the Washington Connection. -- Brainwashing under freedom. -- 3. Bening terror. -- The semantics of terror and violence: retail violence as "terror" - wholesale violence as maintaining "order" and "security". -- Benign and constructive terror. – Post-colonial rot and permanent counterrevolution. – Benign terror. – 4. Constructive terror. – Indonesia: mass extermination, investors’ paradise. – Thailand: a corrupt “Firm Base”. – Repacification in the Philippines. – The Dominican Republic: U.S. model for third world development. – Latin America: proliferating subfascism. – 5. Bloodbaths in Indochina: constructive, nefarious and mythical. – Constructive bloodbaths in Vietnam. – Nefarious and mythical bloodbaths. – Appendix: Indochina – Quang Ngai Province five months after the Peace Agreement: arrests, tortures, artillery fire continues as before the ceasefire. – Footnotes. --
Tomado de Pluto Press: "The Political Economy of Human Rights is an important two volume work, co-authored with Edward Herman – also co-author of the classic cturing Consent – which provides a complete dissection of American foreign policy during the 1960s and '70s, looking at the entire sweep of the Cold War during that period, including events in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Latin America. For those looking to develop a broad understanding of American foreign policy during the 20th Century this work has been a vital resource and is now available to a new generation of scholars and activists."
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