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The sense of injustice and the origin of modern democracy. [electronic resource]. --
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Rochester, NY, Estados Unidos : University of Rochester Press, c2018.
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1. Niccolo Machiavelli and the discovery of the people. -- Go like a fool with that comedy of yours in rags. -- The idea of justice. -- Justice and princes. -- Fork in the road. -- Rage and discipline. -- Law and the judgment of the people. -- 2. Thomas Hobbes and the fear of the seditious mind. -- Hobbes and democracy. -- Equality and the political passions. -- Conscience and politics. -- Private judgment and the politics of sedition. -- Obedience and the problem of revolutionary consciousness. -- Civil philosophy and the simple people. -- On the natural condition and political imagination. -- Sovereignty and the tame man. -- 3. John Locke and the right of resistance. -- Young John Locke. -- Locke and Shaftesbury: the school of action. -- The conscience of every particular man. -- So chary is human nature to preserve liberty. -- The community of nature and the love of freedom. -- Labor and property. -- Political power and its discontents. -- Appealing to heaven. -- Conclusion: self-respect and ordinary people. -- Which side are you on? -- Work. -- Politics. --
In this study of early modern political thought, Bruce Smith traces the origin of modern democracy to Machiavelli. Offering careful readings of Machiavelli's most important political writings, Smith shows that Machiavelli's analysis of the human sentiment of injustice provides the theoretical basis for the participation of ordinary people in political life and rule. Also including chapters on Hobbes and Locke, the book shows how these two modern theorists responded to Machiavelli by contesting and modifying his republican politics to lay the groundwork for the emergence of the democracies of the modern era. Smith sheds new light on not only the influence of Machiavelli but also the character of our democracy, our democratic institutions, and even contemporary populism.
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