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Politics and process : new essays in democratic thought. --
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Cambridge, Inglaterra ; New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Cambridge University Press, c1989.
viii, 238 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
1. The justification of democracy. -- 2. Large numbers, small costs: the uneasy foundations of democratic rule. -- 3. Evaluating the institutions of liberal democracy. -- 4. Democracy: the public choice approach. -- 5. The democratic order and public choice. -- 6. Radical federalism: responsiveness, conflict, and efficiency. -- 7. Contractarian presuppositions and democratic governance. -- 8. In quest of social contract. -- 9. Rationality and the justification of democracy. -- 10. The morality of democracy and the rule of law. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Much of the most interesting and controversial work in analyzing democratic institutions over the recent past has its intellectual origins in public choice economics. The analytical apparatus derived for the study of human behavior in markets is applied to a political setting. The electoral process is viewed as a kind of market in which the currency is votes and party competition is the primary mechanism by which the policies that citizens want are ensured. This book explores the advantages and problems with democratic institutions in a series of essays representing a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The public choice analysis provides a basis for deep-seated political skepticism with which widespread unquestioning enthusiasm for democracy must be confronted. Whether this is a challenge that proponents of democracy can meet is itself an interesting matter. No less interesting and important is the understanding of democracy and the refinement of political theorizing to which the challenge gives rise." --
Los ensayos fueron presentados en 1984 en una conferencia en Crystal City, Va.

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