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Willpower : rediscovering the greatest human strength. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : The Penguin Press, c2011.
291 p. ; 25 cm.
Introduction. -- 1. Is willpower more than a metaphor?. -- 2. Where does the power in willpower come from?. -- 3. A brief history of the to-do list, from god to Drew Carey. -- 4. Decision fatigue. -- 5. Where have all the dollars gone? The quantifies self knows. -- 6. Can willpower be strengthened? (Preferably without feeling David Blaine's pain). -- 7. Outsmarting yourself in the heart of darkness. -- 8. Did a higher power help Eric Clapton and Mary Karr stop drinking?. -- 9. Raising strong children: self-esteem versus self-control. -- 10. The perfect storm of dieting. -- Conclusion: the future of willpower-more gain, less strain (as long as you don't procrastinate). -- Acknowledgments. -- Notes. -- Index. --
Tomado de la solapa: "In Willpower, the pioneering researcher Roy F. Baumeister collaborates with renowned New York Times science writer John Tierney to revolutionize our understanding of the most coveted human virtue: self-control. Drawing on cutting-edge research and the wisdom of real-life experts, Willpower shares lessons on how to focus our strength and redirect our lives. While there are natural limits to our self-control, these boundaries can be manipulated. We can build our willpower endurance, and Willpower draws lessons from the lab as well as the lives of entrepreneurs, parents, entertainers, and artists - including David Blaine, Drew Carey, Eric Clapton, Mary Karr, and Oprah Winfrey. Willpower explains how to set realistic goals, how to monitor your progress, and how to keep faith even when you falter. Once you establish the right habits and find the techniques that work for you, willpower gets easier: you'll need less conscious mental energy to avoid temptation. That's neither magic nor empty self-help sloganeering but rather a solid path to a better life."
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