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Foundtions of a free society. --
Imp / Ed.:
Londres, Inglaterrra : The Institute of Economic Affairs, 2013.
183 p. ; 20 cm.
The author. -- Foreword by Ali Salman. -- Acknowledgements. -- Summary. -- 1. Introduction. -- 2. The moral and economic benefits of freedom. -- 3. The institutions of a free society. -- 4. Equality and inequality. -- 5. Free enterprise and trade. -- 6. Property and justice. -- 7. The spontaneous society. -- 8. Privatisation and globalisation. -- 9. The argument in brief. -- Selected bibliography. -- Aboiut the IEA. --
Tomado de la cubierta: "This important book outlines the core principles that define a free society. It provides an accessible introduction to the institutions and policies necessary to preserve and enhance individual freedom. The author also sets out the wider benefits of free societies. A combination of small government, the rule of law, strong private property rights and free trade enables entrepreneurship to thrive, delivering large improvements in living standards and lifting people out of poverty. Furthermore, a society based on ordered liberty allows free associations and networks of cooperation to develop that deliver wider social as well as economic benefits. Attempts to expand the role of government to promote equality or security at the expense of liberty have tended to end in failure and oppression.
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