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Flexible thinking : an explanation for individual differences in ability. --
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Cresskill, NJ, Estados Unidos : Hampton Press, c1994.
xi, 144 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
Perspectives on creativity
Introduction. Individual differences in problem solving: psychometric and information-processing theories. -- 1. Problems, problem types, and problem solving. -- 2. Flexible thinking. -- 3. Flexible strategy use issues in previous research. -- 4. Strategy flexibility: the cognitive-training approach. -- References. -- Author index. -- Subject index. -- List of figures. --
Tomado del prefacio: "In this volume Jaušovec states his goal immediately: "to review findings that might give a better understanding of individual differences in problem solving." What may be most important in this is the emphasis on problem solving, and the focus on individual differences. Jaušovec is no doubt correct that we must use different problem types in creativity research. Performances among problem types do not intercorrelate very well on one kind of problem but poorly on another. Not only does this mean that we may have difficulty replicating findings within the research; it also means that findings from research may not generalize to the real world? This work will help us to insure replicability and generalizability."
Incluye referencias bibliográficas (Pp. 127-136) e índices.

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