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Suicide of the West. [electronic resource] How the rebirth of tribalism, populism, nationalism, and identity politics is destroying American democracy. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Crown Forum, c2018.
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Introduction. Stumbling upon a miracle. -- 1. Human nature: our inner tribesman. -- 2. Corrupting the miracle: when human nature strikes back. -- 3. The state: a myth agreed upon. -- 4. The birth of capitalism: a glorious accident. -- 5. The eternal battle: reasons versus the search for meaning. -- 6. The American miracle: they put it in writing. -- 7. The elites: Aristocrats unchained. -- 8. The progressive era: the birth of the living constitution and the death of liberty. -- 9. The administrative state: the shadow government. -- 10. Tribalism today: nationalism, populism, and identity politics. -- 11. Pop culture politics: Godzilla, rock & roll, and the romantic spirit. -- 12. The family's losing war against barbarism. -- 13. The Triumpian era: the perils of populism. -- 14. Things fall apart: the American experiment at risk. -- Conclusion: decline is a choice. -- Appendix: human progress. --
The West is dying from ingratitude. Democracy and liberty were accidents of history. If capitalism were natural, it would have popped up long before the 1700s, when humanity stumbled into a miraculous explosion in human prosperity. This miracle was not delivered by God or created by machines. It came from new ideas and values. But what is created by ideas and values can be destroyed them. In this age of resentment, we reject the gift of liberty and instead listen to the lesser angels of our nature. We find comfort in authoritarianism, tribalism, identity politics, nationalism and aristocracy, all of which brutalized humanity for millennia. Goldberg exposes the West's suicidal tendencies on the left but also on the right - at a moment when many conservatives are surrendering to tribalism and nationalism. Suicide of the West asserts that for the West to survive, a renewed commitment to classically liberal principles is required. Suicide is painless; liberty takes work.
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