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Giants and dwarfs : essays, 1960-1990. --
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Simon and Schuster, c1990.
395 p. ; 24 cm.
Books. -- Giants and dwarfs: an outline of Gulliver's travels. -- Political philosophy and poetry. -- On Christian and Jew: the merchant of Venice. -- Richard II. -- Hipparchus or The profiteer (translated by Steven Forde). -- The political philosopher in democratic society: the Socratic view. -- Ion or On the Iliad (translated by Allan Bloom). -- An interpretation of Plato's Ion. -- Aristophanes and Socrates: a response to Hall Emile. -- Rousseau: the Turning point. -- Teachers. -- Leo Strauss: September 20, 1899-October 18, 1973. -- Raymond Aron: the last of liberals. -- Alexandre Kojeve. -- Commerce and culture. -- The study of texts. -- Justice: John Rawls versus the Tradition of Political Philosophy. -- The crisis of liberal education. -- The democratization of the university. --
Incluye referencias bibliográficas (Pp. 388-389) e índice.
Título en español: Gigantes y enanos. También disponible en la Biblioteca Ludwig von Mises.

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