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Dismantling democracy in Venezuela : the Chávez authoritarian experiment. --
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Cambridge University Press, c2010.
xiv, 418 p. ; 23 cm.
I. The political assault on state powers and the framework for authoritarianism. -- 1. The 1999 exclusionist constitution-making process. -- 2. The endless and illegitimate transitory constitutional regime. -- 3. The 1999 political constitution and the reinforcement of centralization. -- 4. The 1999 social and economic constitution and its problems. -- II. Institutional development toward consolidating authoritarianism. -- 5. Constitutional fraud and defrauding democracy. -- 6. The reinforced centralization of the federation. -- 7. Concentration of powers and authoritarian government. -- 8. The catastrophic dependence and political subjection of the supreme tribunal of justice. -- 9. State appropriation, nationalization, expropriation, and confiscation of private assets. -- III. Constitutional reforms designed to consolidate authoritarianism. -- 10. The failed attempt to consolidate an authoritarian and antidemocratic political system in the constitution. -- 11. The failed attempt to consolidate a centralized state in the constitution. -- 12. The failed attempt to consolidate a socialist centralized economic system in the constitution. -- 13. The irregular fraudulent implementation of the rejected constitutional reform through legislation. -- 14. The illegitimate mutation of the constitution through judicial constitution interpretation. -- 15. The alternate principle of government and the 2009 constitutional amendment on continuous reelection. --
Tomado de Amazon: "This book examines the process of dismantling the democratic institutions and protections in Venezuela under the Hugo Chávez regime. The actions of the Chávez government have influenced similar processes and undemocratic maneuverings in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Honduras. Since the election of Hugo Chávez as president of Venezuela in 1998, a sinister form of nationalistic authoritarianism has arisen at the expense of long-established democratic standards. During the past decade, the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution has been systematically attacked by all branches of the Chávez government, particularly by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, which has legitimized the Chávez-ordered constitutional violations. The Chávez regime has purposely defrauded the Constitution and severely restricted representative government, all in the name of a supposedly participatory democracy controlled by a popularly supported central government. This volume illustrates how an authoritarian, nondemocratic government has been established in Venezuela - a government lacking all the essential elements of a true democracy as defined by the 2001 Inter-American Democratic Charter." --

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