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When reason goes on holiday : [electronic resource] Philosophers in politics. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Encounter Books, c2016.
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Acknowledgments. -- Preface. -- 1. The wisdom that failed. -- 2. Otto Neurath: a philosopher and the commissars. -- 3. How philosophers of science promoted leftist pseudoscience. -- 4. Rudolf Carnap: blaming the West for the iron curtain. -- 5. Einstein and Gödel: great minds err alike. -- 6. Ludwig Witthenstein: to Russia with love. -- 7. Imre Lakatos: eulogized in England, unforgiven in Hungary. -- 8. Jerry Cohen: don't celebrate the collapse of Soviet communism!. -- 9. Michael Dummett: a bumbling ant-racist. -- 10. Hilary Putnam: a follower of chairman Mao. -- 11. Donald Davidson: a dupe of the communist party. -- 12. The American Philosophical Association: a vehicle for partisan politics. -- 13. Left-wing bias: an infantile disorder of contemporary philosophy. -- 14. Conclusion. -- References. -- Index. --
"Philosophers usually emphasize the importance of logic, clarity and reason. Therefore when they address political issues they will usually inject a dose of rationality in these discussions, right? Wrong. This book gives a lot of examples showing the unexpected level of political irrationality among leading contemporary philosophers. The body of the book presents a detailed analysis of extreme leftist views of a number of famous philosophers and their occasional descent into apology for—and occasionally even active participation in—totalitarian politics. Most of these episodes are either virtually unknown (even inside the philosophical community) or have received very little attention. The author tries to explain how it was possible that so many luminaries of twentieth-century philosophy, who invoked reason and exhibited rigor and careful thinking in their professional work, succumbed to irrationality and ended up supporting some of the most murderous political regimes and ideologies."
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