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Raised to rage : [electronic resource] The politics of anger and the roots of authoritarianism. --
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Cambridge, MA, Estados Unidos : The MIT Press, c2016.
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Acknowledgments. -- Introduction to the 2016 Edition. -- Introduction: What’s Missing from This Picture?. -- 1. Hear No Evil, See No Evil. -- 2. “No, really, I’m fine”. -- 3. The Politics of Denial. -- 4. Honor Thy Father and Mother. -- 5. The Punitive Society. -- 6. The Seduction of the Electorate. -- 7. Denial, Slavery, and Racism in America. -- 8. Governmental Violence and Denial. -- 9. Denial and Environmental Destruction. -- 10. Conclusion. -- Appendix. -- Notes. -- References. --
"Politicians routinely amplify and misdirect voters' anger and resentment to win their support. Opportunistic candidates encourage supporters to direct their anger toward Mexicans, Muslims, women, protestors, and others, rather than the true socioeconomic causes of their discontent. This book offers a compelling and novel explanation for political anger and the roots of authoritarian political attitudes. In Raised to Rage, Michael Milburn and Sheree Conrad connect vociferous opposition to immigrants, welfare, and abortion to the displacement of anger, fear, and helplessness. These emotions may be triggered by real economic and social instability, but Milburn and Conrad's research shows that the original source is in childhood brutalization or some other emotional trauma. Their research also shows that frequent experiences of physical punishment in childhood increase support in adulthood for punitive public policies, distorting the political process. Originally published in 1996, reprinted now with a new introduction by the authors that updates the empirical evidence and connects it to the current political situation, this book offers a timely consideration of a paradox in American politics: why voters are convinced by campaign rhetoric, exaggeration, and scapegoating to vote against their own interests."
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