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Philosophy, history, and tyranny. [electronic resource] Reexamining the debate between Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojeve. --
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Albany, NY, Estados Unidos : State University of New York Press, c2016.
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1. The place of the Strauss-Kojève debate in the work of Leo Strauss. -- 2. The philosophic background of Alexandre Kojève’s “Tyranny and Wisdom”. -- 3. The place of the bible in the Strauss-Kojève debate. -- 4. Leo Strauss’s decisive reply to Alexandre Kojève. -- 5. Who won the Strauss-Kojève Debate? The case for Alexandre Kojève in his dispute with Leo Strauss. -- 6. The epistolary exchange between Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojève. -- 7. Kojève’s Hegel, Hegel’s Hegel, and Strauss’s Hegel: a middle range approach to the debate about tyranny and totalitarianism. -- 8. History, tyranny, and the presuppositions of philosophy: Strauss, Kojève, and Heidegger in dialogue. -- 9. The notion of an end of history: philosophic origins and recent applications. -- Appendix A: critical edition of Alexandre Kojève, “Tyrannie et sagesse”. -- Appendix B: “Tyranny and Wisdom”. --
Tomado de Amazon: "On Tyranny remains a perennial favorite, possessing a timelessness that few philosophical or scholarly debates have ever achieved. On one hand, On Tyranny is the first book-length work in Leo Strauss's extended study of Xenophon, and his "Restatement" retains a vivacity and directness that is sometimes absent in his later works. On the other, "Tyranny and Wisdom" is perhaps the most succinct yet fullest articulation of Alexandre Kojeve's overall political thought, and it presents what may be the most uncompromising alternative to Strauss's position as a whole. This volume contains for the first time a comprehensive and critical examination of the debate from scholars well versed in the thought of Strauss, Kojeve, Hegel, Heidegger, and the end of history thesis. Of particular interest will be the appendix, which offers for the first time Kojeve's unabridged response to Strauss, a response previously available only from the Fonds Kojeve at Le Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Accessible to students and scholars alike, this volume works equally well in the classroom and as a resource for more advanced research." --
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