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The closing of the liberal mind : how groupthink and intolerance define the left. --
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Encounter Books, c2016.
xii, 362 p. ; 24 cm.
Introduction. -- 1. The decline of American liberalism. -- 2. The rise of the postmodern left. -- 3. Why the postmodern left is not liberalism. -- 4. The illiberal style of liberal politics today. -- 5. Promethean government unbound. -- 6. Bullies, shaming rituals, and the culture of intolerance. -- 7. The death of the liberal intellectual. -- 8. The troubled legacy of the radical enlightenment. -- 9. The closing of the liberal mind. -- Conclusion: The way forward. -- Acknowledgments. -- Notes. -- Selected bibliography. -- Index. --
Tomado de la cubierta: "In The closing of the liberal mind : how groupthink and intolerance define the left, historian and long-time policy expert Kim Homes reveals how liberals in America have abandoned their traditions and become a force for denying people's rights and freedoms. The closing of the liberal mind threatens not only free speech and freedom of conscience but also constitutional rights that at one time were among America's greatest causes. It is upending the very constitutional order that was the bastion of American freedom and equality. Holmes believes it is still possible to "save [America] from the ravages of the postmodern left." But it will require moderate liberals and conservatives who care about our freedoms to come together at this pivotal time in history."
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