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Statecraft : strategies for a changing world. --
Imp / Ed.:
New York, NY, Estados Unidos : HarperCollins, c2002.
xxv, 486 p. : il. ; 25 cm.
List of illustrations. -- List of maps. -- List of tables. -- Acknowledgements. -- Introduction. -- 1. Cold War reflections. -- 2. The American achievement. -- 3. The Russian enigma. -- 4. Asian values. -- 5. Asian giants. -- 6. Rogues, religions, and terrorism. -- 7. Human rights and wrongs. -- 8. Balkan wars. -- 9. Europe: dreams and nightmares. -- 10. Britain and Europe: time to renegotiate. -- 11. Capitalism and its critics. -- Postcript: Runnymede. -- Index. --
Tomado de la solapa: "In Statecraft, Margaret Thatcher, a unique world figure, discusses global military, political, and economic challenges of the twenty-first century. The former British Prime Minister brings her unrivaled political experience to comment on the threats that democracy faces at the dawn of the new millennium and the role Western powers should play in the world's hotspots, especially in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Reflecting on the lessons of the Cold War, she outlines the foundation of U.S. dominance and its mission as the only global superpower. Thatcher offers wise observations about the dangers posed by Balkan instability, rogue states, Islamic extremism, and international terrorism -- and suggests strategies to counter them. She also examines current trends in Russia, China, India, the Far East, Europe and Great Britain, and offers guidance for the future. Noting how every contemporary problem evokes demands for a global solution, Thatcher also warns of over-reliance on international institutions at the expense of nation states. Statecraft is an incisive treatise on power in the age of globalism, written by a legendary world stateperson with a matchless combination of principles, experience and shrewdness."
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