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The problem with socialism. [electronic resource]. --
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Washington, D.C, Estados Unidos : Regnery, c2016.
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1. The problem with socialism. -- 2. Why socialism is always and everywhere an economic disaster. -- 3. Egalitarianism versus human reality. -- 4. Islands of socialism: the follies of government enterprise. -- 5. Why the worst rise to the top under socialism. -- 6. The socialist roots of fascism. -- 7. The myth of successful Scandinavian socialism. -- 8. How welfare harms the poor. -- 9. How socialized medicine kills the patient and robs the taxpayer. -- 10. How socialism causes pollution. -- 11. Karl Marx's progressive income tax. -- 12. Minimun wage, maximum folly. -- 13. How socialist regulation makes monopolies. -- 14. Destroying capitalism by socializing capital. -- 15. Is socialism really the best way to organize schools? -- 16. Socialist myths and superstitions about capitalism. --
"Remember when "socialism" was a dirty word? Now students at America's elite universities are parroting socialist talking points and "sure-thing" Hillary Clinton is struggling to win the Democratic nomination against a 74-year-old avowed socialist who promises to make the nation more like Europe. What's happened? Do Americans need a reminder about the dangers of socialist ideology and practices? Thomas DiLorenzo, economics professor and senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, deconstructs the retrograde ideology that has suddenly become disturbingly hip in The Problem with Socialism." --
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