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Reconceptualising global finance and its regulation. [electronic resource]. --
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New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Oxford University Press, c2016.
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1. Introduction. -- 2. The changing nature of banking and why it matters. -- 3. Understanding the global in global finance and regulation. -- 4. The financial stability board and the future of international financial regulation. -- 5. Financial regulation's overlooked networks. -- 6. Why has basel III become hard law for China? The domestic political economy of international financial law. -- 7. Reconceptualizing central banking: from the great inflation to the great recession and beyond. -- 8. The macroprudential quandary: unsystematic efforts to reform financial regulation. -- 9. Rethinking the law in "Safe Assets". -- 10. Competing for renminbi: financial centers in the context of renminbi globalization. -- 11. "Market Quality" and moral hazard in financial market design. -- 12. Cross-border banking: reconceptualizing bank secrecy. -- 13. Liability for transnational securities fraud, Quo Vadis? -- 14. Large systemic banks and fractional reserve banking: intractable dilemmas in search of effective solutions. -- 15. Turning the tide? how European banking and financial services legislation are making waves on the enforcement front. -- 16. Shadow banking or "Bank's Shadow": reconceptualizing global shadow banking regulation. -- 17. Shadow banking and its regulation: the case of China. -- 18. Promoting capital markets professionalism: an emerging Asian model. -- 19. Competitiveness of financial centers in light of financial and tax law equivalence requirements. -- 20. Human rights due diligence as new policy in financial institutions. -- 21. Reconceptualizing the role of standards in supporting financial regulation. -- 22. Conclusion. --
"The current global financial system may not withstand the next global financial crisis. In order to promote the resilience and stability of our global financial system against future shocks and crises, a fundamental reconceptualisation of financial regulation is necessary. This reconceptualisation must begin with a deep understanding of how today's financial markets, regulatory initiatives and laws operate and interact at the global level. This book undertakes a comprehensive analysis of such diverse areas as regulation of financial stability, modes of supply of financial services, market infrastructure, fractional reserve banking, modes of production of global regulatory standards and of the pressing need to reform financial sector ethics and culture. Based on this analysis, Reconceptualising Global Finance and its Regulation proposes realistic reform initiatives, which will be of primary interest to regulatory and banking legal practitioners, policy makers, scholars, research students and think tanks." --
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