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Renaissance for reforms. --
Imp / Ed.:
Falun, Suecia : Timbro, c2015.
120 p. : il. ; 20 cm.
Preface. -- 1. Renaissance for reforms. -- 2. How governance takes a turn for the better. -- 3. Reform and get re-elected. -- 4. Increasing economic freedom: a recipe for gaining voter support?. -- 5. Reformists of the left. -- 6. Why market reforms?. -- 7. Well-functioning markets benefit the less fortunate. -- 8. The reform threshold. -- 9. Can reforms mitigate crises?. -- 10. The limits of spending. -- 11. Toughing out a crisis. -- 12. Why do some countries abstain from market reforms?. -- 13. Breaking a pattern of failure. -- 14. Successful reforms strategies. -- References. --
Tomado de la cubierta: "In recent years economists have shown convincingly how a country's institutions determine its growth rate and development. In Renaissance for Reforms this analysis is taken one step further. What does it take for nations to improve their institutions? Is a crisis a necessary condition? Can politicians get re-elected after introducing market-oriented reforms? How have such reforms helped countries during the recent financial crises, an what lessons are there to be learned for the future?..."
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