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Fools, frauds and firebrands : thinkers of the new left. --
Imp / Ed.:
Londres, Inglaterra ; New York, NY, Estados Unidos : Bloomsbury, c2015.
296 p. ; 22 cm.
Introduction. -- 1. What is left?. -- 2. Resentment in Britain: Hobsbawm and Thompson. -- 3. Disdain in America: Galbraith and Dworkin. -- 4. Liberation in France: Sartre and Foucault. -- 5. Tedium in Germany: Downhill to Habermas. -- 6. Nonsense in Paris: Althusser, Lacan and Deleuze. -- 7. Culture wars worldwide: the new left from Gramsci to Said. -- 8. The Kraken wakes: Badiou and Zizek. -- 9. What is right?. -- Index of names. -- Index of subjects. --
Tomado de Amazon: "In Fools, Frauds and Firebrands Scruton asks, What does the Left look like today, and how has it evolved? He charts the transfer of grievances, from the working class to women, gays, and immigrants, asks what we can put in the place of radical egalitarianism, and what explains the continued dominance of antinomian attitudes in the intellectual world. Can there be any foundation for resistance to the leftist agenda without religious faith?"
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