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Austrian subjectivism and the emergence of entrepreneurship theory. --
Imp / Ed.:
Indianapolis, IN, Estados Unidos : Liberty Fund, c2015.
xii, 196 p. ; 24 cm.
The collected works of Israel M. Kirzner
Austrian subjectivism. -- On the method of Austrian economics. -- Carl Menger and the subjectivist tradition in economics. -- Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek: the modern extension of Austrian subjectivism. -- The subjectivism of Austrian economics. -- Subjectivism, freedom, and economic law. -- Another look at the subjectivism of costs. -- Philip Wicksteed: the British Austrian. -- Roundaboutness, opportunity, and Austrian economics. -- The emergence of entrepreneurship theory. -- Classical economics and the entrepreneurial role. -- Entrepreneurship, economics, and economists. -- The entrepreneurial role in Menger's system. -- Methodological individualism, market equilibrium, and market process. --
Tomado de Amazon: "This volume comprises several of Kirzner’s previously published papers on the subjects of methodological subjectivism and the history of entrepreneurship theory—topics of primary importance in Kirzner's economic thought because one cannot fully understand entrepreneurship theory without considering subjectivism. The volume includes Kirzner's seminal paper “Methodological Individualism, Market Equilibrium, and Market Process,” in which “Kirzner conceptualized the role of the entrepreneurial function in the market process for the first time in his work.” According to the editors, that paper “opened the door to Kirzner’s research on the market process, leading six years later to the publication of Competition and Entrepreneurship. In doing so, it paved the way to the modern Austrian theory of the market process." --
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