The high title of a Communist : postwar party discipline and the values of the Soviet regime. --
Imp / Ed.:
DeKalb, IL, Estados Unidos : Northern Illinois University Press, c2015.
xvi, 268 p. ; 24 cm.
List of illustrations. -- List of abbreviations and Russian-language terms. -- Acknowledgments. -- Note on pseudonyms. -- Introduction. -- 1. The communist party and its system of internal discipline in the postwar years. -- 2. The Last Purge: the expulsion of POWs and communists who lived on occupied territory. -- 3. De-Stalinizing party discipline: purging and politics in postwar expulsion cases. -- 4. Policing the party: corruption, administrative misconduct, and control from above in postwar party discipline. -- 5. Sex and married communist: family troubles and marital infidelity in the postwar communist party. -- 6. "We talk a lot, but take very few measures": the party's struggle with drunkenness among its members. -- Conclusion. -- Notes. -- Bibliography. -- Index. --
Tomado de la solapa: "The High Title of a Communist is the first study of the Communist Party’s internal disciplinary system in the decades following World War II. Edward Cohn uses the practices of expulsion and censure as a window into how the postwar regime defined the ideal Communist and the ideal Soviet citizen. As the regime grappled with a postwar economic crisis and evolved from a revolutionary prewar government into a more bureaucratic postwar state, the Communist Party revised its informal behavioral code, shifting from a more limited and literal set of rules about a party member’s role in the economy to a more activist vision that encompassed all spheres of life. The postwar Soviet regime became less concerned with the ideological orthodoxy and political loyalty of party members, and more interested in how Communists treated their wives, raised their children, and handled their liquor. Soviet power, in other words, became less repressive and more intrusive."
Incluye notas y referencias bibliográficas (Pp. 237-254).

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