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The economics of inequality. --
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Cambridge, MA, Estados Unidos ; Londres, Inglaterra : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, c2015.
vii, 142 p. : il. ; 22 cm.
Note to the reader. -- Introduction. -- 1. The measurement of inequality and its evolution -- 2. Capital-labor inequality -- 3. Inequality of labor income -- 4. Instruments of redistribution. -- References. -- Contents in detail. -- Index. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Thomas Piketty wrote The Economics of Inequality as an introduction to the conceptual and factual background necessary for interpreting changes in economic inequality over time. Piketty begins by explaining how inequality evolves and how economists measure it. In subsequent chapters, he explores variances in income and ownership of capital and the variety of policies used to reduce these gaps. Along the way, with characteristic clarity and precision, he introduces key ideas about the relationship between labor and capital, the effects of different systems of taxation, the distinction between “historical” and “political” time, the impact of education and technological change, the nature of capital markets, the role of unions, and apparent tensions between the pursuit of efficiency and the pursuit of fairness."
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Título original en francés: Économie des inégalités

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