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Human beings in international relations. --
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Cambridge, Inglaterra : Cambridge University Press, c2015.
xiii, 379 p. ; 24 cm.
List of contributors. -- Acknowledgments. -- Introduction: human being(s) in international relations. -- I. International political anthropology. -- 1. Between fear and despair: human nature in realism. -- 2. "Human nature" and the paradoxical order of liberalism. -- 3. Disciplining human nature: the evolution of American social scientific theorizing. -- 4. The Marxist perspective from "species-being" to natural justice. -- 5. In biology we trust: biopolitical science and the elusive self. -- 6. Greeks, neuroscience, and International Relations. -- 7. Constructivism, realism, and and the variety of human natures. -- 8. Feminism and the figure of Man. -- II. International political post-anthropology. -- 9. Realism, agency, and the politics of nature. -- 10. A global human condition. -- 11. Imagining man - forgetting society?. -- 12. On the social (re)construction of the human in world politics. -- 13. Observing visions of man. -- 14. Who is acting in International Relations?. -- Conclusion: toward an International Political (Post-)Anthropology. -- Bibliography. -- Index. --
Tomado de Amazon: "Since the 1980s, the discipline of International Relations has seen a series of disputes over its foundations. However, there has been one core concept that, although addressed in various guises, had never been explicitly and systematically engaged with in these debates: the human. This volume is the first to address comprehensively the topic of the human in world politics. It comprises cutting-edge accounts by leading scholars of how the human is (or is not) theorized across the entire range of IR theories, old and new. The authors provide a solid foundation for future debates about how, why, and to which ends the human has been or must (not) be built into our theories, and systematically lay out the implications of such moves for how we come to see world politics and humanity's role within it."
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