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Beyond liberal and conservative : reassessing the political spectrum. --
Imp / Ed.:
Washington, DC, Estados Unidos : Cato Institute, c1984.
xviii, 203 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
Foreword. -- Acknowledgments. -- I. The roots of contemporary ideologies. -- II. The empirical study of ideology and mass-belief systems. -- III. Issues in American politics: 1952-80. -- IV. The distribution of ideology in America. -- V. The demographic basis of ideological groups. -- VI. Mass belief systems and political behavior. -- VII. Ideology and foreign policy. -- VIII. American politics: a fragmented future?. -- Appendix: methodology. -- References. -- Index. --
Tomado de la cubierta: "Politicians and political analysts continue to use a single liberal-conservative dimension to analyze the ideological views of the American people, but that approach is increasingly inadequate. Professors Maddox and Lilie have gone beyond the liberal-conservative continuum. By separating questions of economic policy from issues involving civil liberties, they find four basic ideological groups: liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and populists. This book goes a long way toward explaining such phenomena as ticket-splitting, the impact of the baby-boom generation, and the internal conflicts both major parties will face over the next few years."
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