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Property in land and other resources. --
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Cambridge, MA, Estados Unidos : Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, c2012.
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Property systems. -- 1. Opportunities and limits for the evolution of property rights institutions. -- 2. The variety of property systems and rights in natural resources. -- The California Gold Rush. -- 3. Gold rush legacy: American minerals and the knowledge economy. -- 4. Gold rushes are all the same: labor rules the diggings. -- Air. -- 5. Property creation by regulation: rights to clean air and rights to pollute. -- 6. Rights to pollute: assessment of tradable permits for air pollution. -- Wildlife. -- 7. Who owns endangered species?. -- 8. Enclosing the fishery commons: from individuals to communities. -- Land and water. -- 9. The evolution of zoning since the 1980s: persistence of localism. -- 10. Psychological entitlement, reference levels, and valuation disparities: the case of native American land ownership. -- 11. Playing by different rules? property rights in land and water. -- 12. A political analysis of property rights. -- 13. Water rights and markets in the U.S. semiarid west: efficiency and equity issues. -- Global common issues. -- 14. Climate change: the ultimate tragedy of the commons?. -- 15. Sinking states. --
Tomado del prefacio: As evidencede by the quality of the chapters in this volume, the study of property rights has come a long way in the past half century. The pioneering role of three major contributors to this progress should be acknowledged. Vincent Ostrom played a critical role in the development of property rights and institutions long before they were fashionable; he and Charles Tiebout did some spectacular early work on property rights. Herb Simon deserves acknowledgment as well because he forced economists to move beond the narrow view and to think in broader termsd about the issues that are of interest to us today.
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