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The Essential Hayek [electronic resource]. --
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Vancouver, B.C., Canada : The Fraser Institute, 2014.
Un recurso electrónio (iii, 85 p. : Ilustraciones)
Foreword, by Václav Klaus. -- Introduction. -- Selected Hayek passages explained. -- 1. How we make sense of an incredibly complex world. -- 2. Knowledge and prices. -- 3. Individual flourishing and spontaneous order. -- 4. The rule of law, freedom, and prosperity. -- 5. Legislation is distinct from law. -- 6. False economic security and the road to serfdom. -- 7. Economic booms and busts. -- 8. The curse of inflation. -- 9. The challenge of living successfully in modern society. -- 10. Ideas have consequences. -- Suggestions for further reading. --
The Essential Hayek es un proyecto del Fraser Institute, que comprende un libro, un sitio Web y varios vídeos; y su propósito es explicar las ideas de Hayek en un lenguaje común y al alcance de todos. Es un recurso valioso para todos los que valoran la libertad.
Tomado de la introducción:. In this short book I aim to convey as clearly as possible the gist of ten of Hayek’s most important economic and political ideas. While I share Hayek’s viewpoint on most such matters, I’ve done my best in the pages that follow to convey Hayek’s ideas and perspectives rather than my own. Inevitably, and especially because no scholar has exercised such a long-standing and powerful influence on the way that I approach economics and how I “see” social reality, I surely, from time to time, confuse my own ideas and viewpoints for those of Hayek. I’ve tried to avoid any such confusion, but acknowledge up front that my efforts are unlikely to have been completely successful. Other Hayek scholars, therefore, can object to any number of interpretations that I’ve put here on Hayek’s writings. My hope is merely that I’ve reduced such confusions to a minimum and that the confusions that do remain are understandable and, hence, forgivable.
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