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Secrets about money that put you at risk : the basic things about money and wealth you must know and probably do not. --
Imp / Ed.:
Fairfield, IA, Estados Unidos : Radio Free Market, c2010.
iv, 50 p. ; 23 cm.
1. Why did this happen?. -- 2. The big four. -- 3. What is better? legal tender or competing currencies?. -- 4. What the heck is fiat money?. -- 5. Inflation 101. -- 6. Fractional Reserve Banking and Horse Racing. -- 7. An important question to ask your Public School Board and how to get ready to talk to them. -- 8. Wealth, value, money. -- 9. So, what is wealth?. -- 10. We define wealth in more ways than one. -- 11. The value of money - itself - can change. -- 12. Money, value and wealth are interconnected but are not the same thing - and we need to think about them differently. --
Tomado de la pasta: "Michael McKay has described in a compelling fashion essential truths about money which everyone needs to know. His thoughtful presentation reflects his wide reading and careful study of Austrian economics. Once you read this book, money will no longer seem mysterious." --
Incluye referencias bibliográficas (p. 47).
Título original en inglés: Secretos sobre el dinero que nos ponen en peligro : aspectos básicos sobre el dinero y la riqueza que usted debería conocer y probablemente no conoce. También disponible en la Biblioteca Ludwig von Mises.

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